Manuel Thomas

Entrepreneurship can be fun. Yet it can also be grueling. Manuel Thomas learned that lesson well with his former business as he owned and managed several automotive service centers. “Between employee issues, payroll management, budgets and keeping customers happy, it was a lot of work and created a ton of stress in my life,” Manuel says. “What a headache! Maintaining cars was one thing, but maintaining that pace was quite another. Then when a friend shared the Stream presentation with me, I saw a fresh new way to accomplish my financial goals without all the hassles of a traditional business.” Manuel knew hard work and had little trouble throwing himself into his Stream business, finding success through diligence. “Now I feel like I am getting somewhere,” Manuel says. “I always loved owning a business, but now I can have a lucrative one through Stream without all the headaches!”

As with any business, results may vary. In 2017, the average associate earned $178.07 while Engaged associates earned $1,139. To learn more about “average” versus “engaged” Associates, please visit