Steve & Michelle Reynolds

Service – perhaps that term best defines the personal mission of Steve and Michelle Reynolds. Steve has served in the Air Force for 30 years and Michelle is a stay-at-home mother who donates her spare time to local charities, so Stream fits right into the Reynolds’ lives. Stream enabled them to create more family time for themselves, while also helping others establish their own Stream business. “We saw this as a vehicle to build passive, residual income,” Michelle says. “Exchanging hours for dollars really just takes time away from the family. Stream provided a way to win our time back.” And with Michelle’s habit of reaching out to others, it’s something she loves to share. “Stream keeps us more engaged with those around us,” she says. “For those seeking financial improvement, it’s a blessing to be able to tell them about this business. In fact, the new relationships we’ve made are one of the greatest benefits of Stream.” And of course, the Reynolds also love that it pays to share. “By helping people improve their financial lot, that grows our business and helps our family in the process,” Steve says.

As with any business, results may vary. In 2017, the average associate earned $178.07 while Engaged associates earned $1,139. To learn more about “average” versus “engaged” Associates, please visit

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