Ajax & Barb Daugherty

Ajax Daugherty knew sales and business. He worked in the auto sales business for 34 years. What Ajax didn’t know was the satisfaction that came through a business which provided residual income. He finally discovered that through Stream. “When I first saw the Stream Opportunity, I didn’t like the thought of starting over at my age,” Ajax says. “Then I learned that this business could be willed to our heirs and provide income to my family for generations. And since Stream provides a life-essential service, rather than a product, we have a strong basis for residual income that will continually grow.” Ajax, with Barb’s support, grew his Stream business strong, focusing on training, and has long been recognized as a helpful face throughout the field. “I enjoy helping others,” he says. “This business enables me to do that by sharing this opportunity with people and supporting charities I believe in. Of course, generosity begins at home. Barb and I love the fact that our Stream has become a family asset and a legacy that will generate income for many years to come.”

As with any business, results may vary. In 2017, the average associate earned $178.07 while Engaged associates earned $1,139. To learn more about “average” versus “engaged” Associates, please visit www.MyStream.com/IncomeDisclosure.