Delmar Carmack

Delmar knew about making dreams come true. He worked in the network marketing industry for a quarter century and prospered. But somewhere along the way, his dreams faded. Delmar found himself in a semi-retired state a few years ago when he discovered Stream. “I wasn’t interested at that time,” he says. “I was busy working on some personal investments and helping a youth program.” Then a chance meeting with Donald Trump changed everything. “He refreshed my psyche,” Delmar says. “I soon realized that the only personal investment I needed to make was in Stream. Energy is a substantial service that everyone uses. We are on the ground floor of a deregulating, multi-billion dollar industry.” Delmar is not only prospering in Stream, but also dreaming again. “Rather than merely donating to a youth program, I intend to use my newfound abundance with Stream to start a charitable foundation for children,” he says.

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