Martin Augustine

Martin Augustine worked 90 hours a week as a police detective and on specialty teams delivering high risk warrants and working with SWAT. He had never worked for a network marketing company before, and says he literally ran any time he heard it. His friend Anthony Cooper, however, kept after him until he said yes.

“After understanding the business, I would say yes a hundred times over,” Martin said.

Martin joined Stream in August 2015 and began building his business to buy back his time and live life on his own terms. Although he initially joined to support a friend, his Why quickly became his two daughters, Sage and Shia.

Martin soon become known for his own consistency, picking up the nickname ‘The Closer.’

He likes that Stream gives everyday people the opportunity to build wealth no matter their background. His short- and long-term goals are pretty plain and simple: rank advancing to Presidential and National Director, respectively.

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