Greg & Terry Pogorzelski

Greg Pogorzelski worked as a union plumber and pipefitter in Burlington, New Jersey, and his wife Terry worked in medical billing. Life was boring, and often times difficult when Greg get laid off due to a lack of available work. The Stream Opportunity represented a way to pay bills during those slow times in the union. Greg and Terry decided to go all in with Stream, and soon got the whole family involved, including their two children, Nate and Natalie.

Greg and Terry were awarded the 2017 Power of Leadership Award, and the next year made the 300 Club and had a long-time wish granted by Stream – a family vacation in the form of a $2,000 gift card. The family is now able to spend more time together, and Greg says because of his Plan B, he’s able to support his family when they’ve needed it most.

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