What happens if my Internet connection goes down?

In the event of an Internet outage, you won't hear the dial tone and the Stream logo on your Hub will turn from solid blue to blinking red. You won't be able to make calls until your Internet service is restored.

You can configure the "Call forward on Internet outage" feature to ring another phone number in case of an Internet outage.

What do I need to use the Stream system?
All you need is a high-speed Internet connection (cable, DSL or fiber-optic) and a regular home phone.
What about a phone number? How do people reach me?

When you register your Stream Hub online, you will get to pick a new phone number from almost any area code in the U.S.

If you would like to keep your current phone number, do not disconnect your current phone service. Select a new temporary number for your Stream service and submit a request to Stream to port your current number. This process usually takes a week or two. Once your number has been ported you may cancel your old phone service.

To activate your Stream Hub with an Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico phone number, please contact Customer Support at 877-369-8138.

I have an alarm system. Will Stream Digital Voice work with it?
Most newer alarm systems now use a cellular-based alarm panel. If your system uses a cellular-based panel, yes, you can use Stream Digital Voice and it will not impact your security system. However, if your alarm system uses a traditional landline panel, Stream recommends that you maintain a basic landline service (with no features or long distance plan) for the purposes of your alarm system or move to a cellular-based alarm panel.
Is the Stream system difficult to install and operate?
Our patent-pending auto-configuration technology makes set-up as painless as possible. Most customers are up and dialing in less than 15 minutes. Using the system is even easier! Use your existing home phones just like always, only now you don't have to worry about a phone bill!
If there's a lot of traffic on the Internet, will that impact my voice quality?
The system has optimized its architecture to ensure low latency and reliable performance. When you place calls, information packets are intelligently prioritized over the Internet to ensure a seamless calling experience. This technology also ensures that your Internet service will not be adversely affected when you talk on the phone.
Does Stream Digital Voice provide caller-ID service?
Yes. Stream provides inbound caller-ID number and name at no extra charge.
Does Stream Digital Voice support 911 calls?
Yes. Stream provides E911 service where supported. We will collect your address when you register your device online, and send it to emergency response personnel when you dial 911. Since Stream works over your Internet connection, you will need to call from a mobile phone if your Internet connection is down.
What if my system breaks? Is there a warranty?
Absolutely. All devices come with a one-year limited warranty for material defects. This means, we'll replace or repair your device for one year from the date of purchase.

International Calling

What are my options for international calling?

Stream offers a couple of different ways to make international calls. You can choose to "pay as you go" by putting money into your prepaid account that will deduct for each minute you talk. If you're going to be spending a lot of time on international calls, you can also subscribe to our unlimited Digital Voice International calling plan that will reduce your cost per minute!

How do I make an international call from my phone?

The first time you make an international call you'll need to make sure you're subscribed to our Digital Voice International calling plan or have loaded up your prepaid account with a little bit of money. After that, you can call to most international countries by dialing 011, followed by the country code and the phone number. 

Note: Calls to Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and other countries included in the North America Numbering Plan can be made by dialing the number as you normally would, without the 011.

What countries can I call with Stream Digital Voice? How much does it cost?
With Stream Digital Voice, you can call anywhere in the world. Prices vary based on the country you want to call and depending on whether you have a monthly subscription to our Digital Voice International calling plan.
Is there any way to make international calls for free?
Yes, you can call internationally for free by calling other Stream Digital Voice customers! Calling between Hub systems is free regardless of where the systems are located. You can talk for as long as you want!
Can Stream call cell phones in other countries, or is international calling restricted to landlines?
With Stream, you can call any country in the world with your pay-as-you-go account. If you are subscribed to our Digital Voice International calling plan you can call landlines in over 60 countries. The plan also covers calls to cell phones in 12 countries. You can find a list of countries included in the international plan by visiting the Add-ons page in your online account. You can also find which countries include calls to mobile phones (designated with a double asterisk **). If you call a mobile phone in a country not covered by the international calling plan then Stream will charge the call to your pay-as-you-go account.
Can I take my Hub with me when I travel internationally?
Yes, you can take your Hub with you when you travel internationally! Hook up your Hub to broadband in another country and you can receive calls on your U.S. phone number and make calls to any domestic phone number for free, just like you normally would at home. Plus, you can continue to take advantage of low international calling rates from anywhere in the world.

Important: Use of your Hub is subject to local laws, regulations, and terms of service.

Can I use the Stream Digital Voice app to make international phone calls?
Placing international phone calls from your mobile device is one of the things the Stream Digital Voice app does best! When you use the Stream Digital Voice app, you have full access to your prepaid calling minutes and international calling plan you have subscribed to, all from the convenience of your mobile device. Since calls with the Stream Digital Voice app are routed over either Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, you can call internationally from your cell phone, iOS device, or Android device without even using minutes from your mobile phone plan! You can learn more by visiting our Digital Voice app FAQs.


What is porting?
Phone number porting is an option that allows you to transfer your existing phone number from your old phone company to Stream. By taking advantage of the number porting option you can save yourself the time and hassle of contacting all of the people who have your phone number to update them on a new one. Transferring your phone number can take several weeks to complete and requires a one-time charge of $24.99.
What information do I need to port my phone number?

The process of porting your number from your current home phone provider to Stream couldn't be easier. Number porting is supported in most calling areas. Once you've decided to port your number, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Digital Voice portal and navigate to the Add-Ons tab. Select the Number Port option.
  2. Read the instructions carefully, and fill out the form on the Number Porting page with the following information:
    • The phone number you want to port
    • The type of phone number (landline, VoIP, mobile)
    • The type of broadband Internet service you have (cable, DSL, etc.)
    You'll also have the option to upload a copy of your most recent phone bill, which is helpful for resolving problems that may arise during the porting process.
  3. You will then be asked to fill out an online Letter of Authorization (LOA) form. This is an important document as it authorizes Stream to begin the process of porting your phone number from your current carrier. The information requested on this form must match the information that is on record with your current phone company. Any errors or discrepancies in this form can cause lengthy (and costly) delays in your port, so Stream recommends that you double check your input against the most recent version of your phone bill.
  4. Once you've completed your LOA, the "porting" item will be added to your shopping cart. You'll need to "check out" to complete the process.
What happens once I've initiated a phone number port?

The next step is up to your current phone service provider. Approximately two weeks after your Letter of Authorization has been submitted, Stream will send you a Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) date. This will be the day your number is actually ported to Stream from your current phone company. When your phone number has been successfully ported to your Stream system, a member of the Stream Customer Care team will make a test call to ensure that the port was successful. Afterwards, Stream will send you one more email to let you know that the process is complete.

Once your number is successfully moved over to Stream, you can call your old phone company to cancel your phone service.

What happens to my temporary number after my number has been ported to Stream?
Once your number has been successfully ported to Stream, it will replace your temporary number as the default phone number for your Stream account. If you would like to keep your temporary number permanently, you can contact Customer Care by calling 877-369-8138 at any time during the number porting process to request that your temporary number be assigned as a second number on your account for a monthly fee of $4.99.


How do I know if I have a new voicemail?

There are a number of ways you will know if you have a new voicemail:

  • The  button on your Hub will blink orange
  • You will see a notification on your dashboard when you log into your Digital Voice portal
  • Stream subscribers who have configured voicemail forwarding will receive an email or a text message alerting them that they have a new email. You will need to configure in your online account under voicemail preferences to forward notifications.
Setting up your voicemail

You can access the initial setup for your voicemail by picking up the phone and pressing the  button on your Hub. The initial setup process will walk you through setting up your PIN (for remote access), recording your name, and recording a greeting. The whole process should only take you a couple of minutes. 

Note: You can change your recorded name, greeting and PIN at any time by connecting to your voicemail and hitting option "2" from the main voicemail menu.

Accessing your voicemail

No matter where you are, Stream offers a convenient way for you to check your voicemail. It all depends on what's right for you wherever you are. You can access your voicemail in a number of different ways:

From Home

  • Press the button on your Hub to hear your messages played through the built-in speaker
  • Pick up your telephone and dial your own phone number to hear your messages though your telephone
  • More details can be found under the Hub FAQs section on how to operate your Hub

From Anywhere

  • Dial your Stream number from any phone and hit * when your voicemail picks up to enter the voicemail navigation menu
    Important: You can only access your voicemail controls in this way once you've gone through the voicemail setup process.
  • Log into your Digital Voice portal and use the Call Activity / Voicemail / Call Log widget in your Dashboard
  • Log into your Digital Voice portal and visit the Voicemail tab to access your Inbox
  • From your voicemail preferences box using our voicemail forwarding feature
Enhanced Voicemail Controls With the Hub

Your Hub isn't just the device that distributes your phone to your house. It's also an enhanced voicemail control center that lets you access and manage your messages without having to pick up the phone or go online. Voicemail controls on your hub work by using the touch-buttons on the actual device, as shown below:

New Message Indicator

When you have unheard messages, the button on your Hub will blink orange, letting you know at a glance if you've got voicemail.

Playing a Message

Press the blinking  button and your messages will start to play through the speaker. You can pick up the phone attached to your Hub at any time to listen to your messages privately.

Deleting a Message

Press the button to stop playing a message, delete it, and skip to the next message.

Repeating a Message

Press the button to return to the beginning of a message. If you are already at the beginning of a message, pressing this button will skip you back to the previous message.

If you'd like to rewind part of a currently playing message, hold the  button down.

Playing the Next Message and Skipping Messages

During message playback, press the button to skip to the next message.

If you play a message and find that it's not meant for you, use the  button to skip the message. The message will remain marked as new, and the  button will continue to blink after you have finished listening to your other messages.

If you'd like to skip forward within the message, press and hold the  button.

Listening to Saved Messages

If you want to review saved messages, press the  button after you have listened to all your new messages. Your Hub will play saved messages when there are no new messages in your inbox.

Phone-Based Voicemail Navigation

Whether you're on the move or just feel more comfortable with a traditional voicemail interface, the Digital Voice phone-based voicemail system has got you covered. Once you've accessed your voicemail, you can use the guide below to quickly access the various voicemail options that Stream offers without waiting for the voice prompts.

Main menu options

  • '1': Get messages
    • '1': Get new messages (if there are new messages)
    • '2': Get saved messages (if there are saved messages)
  • '2': Change settings
    • '1': Change PIN
    • '2': Change personal greeting
    • '3': Change your name
    • '4': Change greeting
      • '1': Use personal greeting
      • '2': Use system generated greeting with your phone number
      • '3': Use system generated greeting with your name
      • '4': Use system generated greeting without your name or phone number '5': Change auto-play option for new messages
  • '8': More options
    • '1': Record a voice message to another Digital Voice subscriber without making an actual call
  • '0': Help (repeats the menu options)

When a New Voice Message is Being Played

  • '1': Skip back 5 seconds within the message
  • '2': Pause and resume message playback
    Note: If playback is paused, it will resume automatically after a few seconds.
  • '3': Skip forward 5 seconds within the message
  • '4': Play previous message
  • '5': Play current message from the beginning
  • '6': Play next message
  • '7': Delete current message
  • '8': More message options
    • '1': Play message time stamp
    • '2': Reply (if caller is an Digital Voice subscriber)
  • '9': Mark current message as saved and play next message
  • '0': Help (repeats the menu options)

Important: When the auto-play option is disabled you will need to manually press '9' to mark the message you're listening to as saved.

When a Saved Voice Message is Being Played

  • '1': Skip back 5 seconds within the message
  • '2': Pause and resume message playback
    Note: If playback is paused, it will resume automatically after a few seconds.
  • '3': Skip forward 5 seconds within the message
  • '4': Play previous message
  • '5': Play current message from the beginning
  • '6': Play next message
  • '7': Delete current message
  • '8': More message options
    • '1': Play message time stamp
    • '2': Reply (if caller is an Digital Voice subscriber)
  • '9': Mark current message as saved and play next message
  • '0': Help (repeats the menu options)

When a New Voice Message Envelope (Time Stamp) is Being Played

  • '4': Play previous message
  • '5': Play current message from the beginning
  • '6': Play next message
  • '7': Delete current message
  • '8': More message options
    • '1': Reply (if caller is an Digital Voice subscriber)
  • '9': Mark current message as saved and play next message
  • '0': Help (repeats the menu options)

How can I go back to a previous menu when using phone-based navigation?

From any menu, press * to go the previous menu. Pressing * in the initial voicemail menu will exit your voicemail.

Voicemail with the Voicemail widget

The Voicemail widget on the Digital Voice Portal Dashboard of your account gives you easy online access to your voicemail's basic functionality. In addition to seeing a list of recent calls and missed calls under the Call Activity tab, you can also see a list of your new and saved voicemail messages with this widget. Playing your messages is as easy as clicking on them. Once you've played a message, it's automatically saved until you click on the  button to delete it.

Voicemail with the Digital Voice Online Inbox

Your online inbox is your one stop visual interface for your voicemail! With the online inbox, you can pause, play, and skip through new messages (indicated with the symbol) and saved messages. The visual interface will show you all kinds of information about your messages, and will allow you to perform actions (such as moving to a new folder) on multiple messages at once.

Deleting Voicemails

You can delete an individual voicemail by selecting the  icon on the same row as the message you would like to delete.

You can delete multiple voicemails at the same time by selecting the check-boxes next to the messages you wish to delete. When you've got them all selected, select or you can drag and drop them into the Trash folder on your sidebar.

To permanently delete a voicemail, select the button under the menu in your Trash folder.

Note: If you accidentally delete a voicemail you can rescue it from the trash by sending it back into your Inbox. Just click the button next to the message you would like to rescue.

Creating voicemail folders

One big benefit of using a visual interface for voicemail is the organizational tools Digital Voice offers. Filing your saved voicemails into folders can help even the most popular person stay on top of their messages! All you need to do to get started is to click on the "Add Folder" button in the sidebar and type in the name you'd like. Once you've made a folder or two, you can use the online inbox to sort your messages.

Moving Voicemails Into Folders

Simply check all of the messages that belong in another folder and then select the destination from the menu.

Downloading Messages

You can save any voicemail message to your computer as an .mp3 file by clicking on the button in the message's row.

Where can I change the number of rings before my Stream voicemail picks up a call?

You can change the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail by doing the following:

  1. Log into your online account and navigate to the Voicemail menu under the Preferences tab
  2. Under Pickup timeout menu in the General Settings section, choose the number of seconds you'd like to have pass before your Digital Voice voicemail picks up a call
  3. Save your settings and wait for a few minutes for the change to take effect

Hub Basic Functions

How can I make a phone call?

Once you've got your system set up, there's nothing out of the ordinary you need to do to make a phone call. Simply pick up the phone and dial just as you always have.

How can I answer a phone call?
You can answer an incoming phone call by picking up the phone when it rings. There is nothing special you need to do.
Are there any special dialing rules when I call?

If you have selected a phone number from your home area code, you can continue dialing the same way you did with your landline. If you have selected a phone number from a different area code, please keep in mind that the dialing rules may be different in the new area code. You can see if 7 or 10 digit dialing works for local calls in the new area code. Just keep in mind that dialing a "1" followed by the area code and phone number will always work.

How do I set up my voicemail?

You can start the voicemail setup process by picking up the phone that's connected to your Hub system and pressing the  button on your Hub. A series of voice prompts will walk you through the process of selecting a PIN, recording your name, and recording a voice greeting. This process will take approximately two minutes.

Do I have to leave my computer on to use Stream Digital Voice? What happens if my computer restarts?
Unlike some other VoIP solutions, your Hub does not rely on your computer to work. Instead of installing software onto or plugging an accessory into your computer, your Hub is designed to act as a standalone device that will be integrated into your home network. As long as you have power and an Internet connection, your system will work whether your computer is off or on.
What can I do with the buttons on my Hub?

You can use the buttons on your Hub to perform a variety of functions, including:

  • Listening to and navigating through voicemail messages
  • Adjusting the device's volume and brightness settings
  • Set Do Not Disturb mode
  • Send calls straight to voicemail
    What do all of the buttons on the Hub do?

    The buttons on your Hub are one of the ways that you can interact with your service without ever picking up a telephone. To activate a button, simply use your finger and lightly press the button associated with the appropriate icon. The graphic below will give you an idea of what each of the buttons on your Hub can do:

    If you need more information about what one or more of the buttons do, you can learn more by reading below.

    Page (on rear of Hub)

    This button will allow you to page and sync your Hub system with the Stream Digital Voice Bridge and other wireless accessories.

    Volume adjustment buttons ()

    Press the appropriate button to adjust the volume of the speaker in your Hub.

    Voicemail control buttons ()

    The buttons on the bottom row of your Hub (Delete, Rewind, Fast forward, Play) serve as controls for your voicemail. Your Hub is designed to play your voicemail out loud at the touch of the  button. You can also use your voicemail control buttons to activate the following features:

    • Do Not Disturb: Press and hold the  button to send all calls straight to voicemail without ringing your phone
    • Send to Voicemail: Press and hold the  button to send a call you’ve already answered to voicemail
    • Adjust Brightness: Press the  when there are no messages playing to adjust the brightness of system status lights
    What does the system status light on my Hub mean?

    The color of the Stream symbol in the center of your Hub is a quick way of seeing what's going on with your Hub system:

    • If the Stream light is solid blue, everything is up and running and your system should be working just fine.
    • If the Stream light is solid purple, your service is working and Do Not Disturb mode is enabled. All incoming calls will be directed to voicemail.
    • If the Stream light is blinking purple, your Hub is downloading a software upgrade and is not currently functional. Do not unplug your Hub while it is in this state.
    • If the Stream light is flashing red, there's something wrong with your service. This could mean that your Internet is out, or there could be a problem with your setup.
    • If the Stream light is white, then either your Hub is not powered on or the system brightness has been turned all the way down.
    Can I use my Hub as a speaker phone without buying a handset?
    No, although you can use your Hub to screen and listen to voicemails, it does not have a microphone to record your voice. Therefore, you cannot use your Hub as a speaker phone to make or receive phone calls.
    The play button on my Hub is flashing. What does this mean?

    When the   button on your Hub flashes orange, it means that you have a voicemail. You can play your voicemail by pressing the button.

    The lights on my Hub aren't turning on. How do I get them back?

    The lights on your Hub may be off for a couple of easy-to-fix reasons. First, try these troubleshooting steps:

    • Make sure your device is properly plugged in
    • Press the  key to see if your device's brightness has been turned all the way down

    If these troubleshooting steps don't fix the problem, please Customer Care at 877-369-8138 so we may further assist you.

    Can I call 911 from my phone?
    As long as you have power and Internet, you can call 911 from your phone. Your 911 calls can only be routed correctly if you keep your service address up to date.
    Does 411 work on an phone?
    Yes! You can dial 411, just as you would on a landline. Similar to a landline, 411 calls do incur a charge of $0.99 per call that will be charged to your prepaid account.

    Air Wireless Adapter (Wi-Fi)

    What is the Air? How does it work?

    The Air is a wireless adapter that allows your Hub to connect to the Internet using your Wi-Fi network instead of a cable. The Air is perfect if you want to set up your Hub in a part of your home that doesn't have a wired Internet connection. The adapter may be right for you if:

    • Your modem or router is in an inconvenient location (basement, wiring closet, etc.)
    • You only have access to Wi-Fi (dorm rooms, apartments, home offices, etc.)
    Where do I buy the Air?
    To learn more about the Air or to purchase yours now, visit the Add-Ons section of your Digital Voice Portal.
    How do I set up my Air?

    To get started setting up your Air, follow these instructions:

    1. Plug the Air adapter into the USB port on the back of your Hub
    2. Using an Ethernet cable, connect the HOME NETWORK port on the back of your Hub to a computer
    3. Use the computer and open up a browser to
    4. Click on the Wireless tab on the left side of your screen and follow the directions to connect the Hub to your wireless network

    Once your Hub has connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you've gone wireless! If you need additional assistance, you can find help in the Quick Start Guide that came with your device.

    Do I need a computer to set up my Air?
    Yes. During the initial setup process, you will need to plug your computer into the Ethernet port of the Hub. After you have set up your Hub to run on your home Wi-Fi network, you will no longer need a computer for it to function.
    How far away from my router can I place my Hub?

    You can place your Hub anywhere in your home that has good Wi-Fi reception. Please note that the construction of your home--such as brick or cement walls between your router and your Hub -- can affect the quality of your Wi-Fi signal.

    What kind of call quality can I expect with the Air?
    Thanks to the compression and adaptive redundancy algorithms that make Stream Digital Voice technology unique, most customers should notice little or no reduction in call quality when they set up their system with the wireless adapter.
    Which wireless standards does the Air support?
    The Air supports networks that run on 802.11b/g/n standards.
    Which wireless band does the Air Wireless Adapter run on?
    The Air runs on the 2.4Ghz wireless band.
    Do you have a list of supported routers?
    Any router that supports the 802.11b/g/n standard should be compatible with the Air.
    What if my home Internet connection is password protected?
    If you have enabled password protection on your home Wi-Fi connection, you can still use the Air. You will be asked to provide the appropriate network name and password during the setup process.
    What security and encryption protocols does the Air support?
    WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security protocols are supported.
    What do I do if my Hub doesn't receive a signal after I've set it up?

    If your Hub does not work properly when you're done setting it up, you should try the following:

    • Reboot your Hub
    • Ensure that your Air is plugged in all the way
    • Remove your Air, reboot your Hub, and then re-insert the Air
    • Move the Hub closer to your router or wireless access point to make sure it is not out of range
    • Verify that your Hub works with a hardwired Ethernet connection to your router

    If none of these steps work, there is additional troubleshooting information in the Air Quick Start Guide that came with your device that may help to resolve the problem.

    Can I set up the Air with my 3G or 4G hotspot?
    Yes. Stream Digital Voice technology is designed to improve voice quality over any type Internet connection, including 3G and 4G hotspots that operate over a cellular network.
    Can I set up my Air to remember more than one Wi-Fi network?
    Yes! After you set up the Air on a new network, your Hub will remember your settings. Your Hub will automatically connect to any saved wireless networks.
    Can I use my Hub as a wireless bridge?
    Yes! Once your Hub is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you can plug any device into the HOME NETWORK port and it will have access to the Internet connection through the Air.

    Air Wireless Adapter (Bluetooth)

    What is Bluetooth and why would I want to use it?
    Bluetooth is a standard, short-range radio technology that allows devices to communicate with each other wirelessly. In other words, a Bluetooth connection allows you to use your Stream telephone connection hands-free without any of the cords and wires that a traditional telephone headset employs. Bluetooth will also allow you to enjoy your hands-free conversations with crystal-clear quality, and without any of the interference that some telephone headsets experience.
    How does Bluetooth work with Stream Digital Voice?
    The Air wireless adapter is a hardware add-on for the Digital Voice Hub. It adds Bluetooth capability to the Stream Hub, allowing it to communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as a mobile phone or a headset that slides over one ear. In order for two Bluetooth devices to talk to each other, they must be manually told how to work together, or "paired". Pairing is a secure, one-time process to ensure that two devices are allowed to connect to each other via Bluetooth. The Air is compatible with all leading manufacturers of mobile phones and headsets.
    How many devices can I pair with my Air? How do multiple devices work?

    You may pair up to seven Bluetooth-enabled devices to your Air. Keep in mind when you are pairing devices that only one device may be on a call at any time. For example, if you have two mobile phones paired with the Stream Hub, the first one to receive a call will occupy the Bluetooth connection. If a call came in on the other mobile phone, it would be ignored by the Hub and not ring on your home phone -- only the mobile phone receiving the call would ring. If no call is currently connected, then either mobile phone could receive a call and it would ring on all the home phones.

    What are the benefits of using the Air?
    The benefits are numerous! You can now keep your phone on the charger so it is ready to go next time you are heading out. You'll never miss a call just because you didn't hear your mobile phone ring, and you don't need to worry about poor coverage or dead spots since you can keep the phone charged in the location that has the best reception in your home. Furthermore, you'll be able to enjoy the convenience, ergonomics and battery life of your home telephone, which is often far superior to your mobile phone.
    How do I install my Air?
    nstalling the Air is simple! All you have to do is plug your Air into the USB port on the back panel of the Hub and you are ready to start pairing your Bluetooth-enabled devices right away.
    How do I pair my mobile phone with the Digital Voice Hub?

    Once a mobile phone has been paired with your Hub, your home phones become an extension of your mobile phone. When someone calls your mobile phone while it is within range of the Air, your house phones will ring along with your mobile phone. You can answer the call on your mobile phone or on any of your home phones.

    You can pair your mobile phone with your Hub by following these instructions:

    1. Pick up your home telephone and dial *#*#501
    2. Wait until you hear a confirmation tone
    3. Use your mobile phone to look for a new Bluetooth device (check your phone's user guide for exact instructions on how to accomplish this)
    4. Wait for your mobile phone to find a device called "Stream-Hub"
    5. Select the "Stream-Hub" and type in a PIN of 0000 when prompted
    How do I pair a Bluetooth headset?
    1. Access the Air Bluetooth Setup Page:If you currently don’t have a computer or router connected to the HOME NETWORK port, connect one now. Browse to After the page has loaded, you’ll need to browse to the Bluetooth setup page.
    2. Set the Bluetooth headset in pairing mode: Follow the manufacturer instructions for setting your Bluetooth headset into pairing mode.
    3. Add a Device: Click on “Add New Device” to pair a Bluetooth headset to the Hub. The Hub will automatically scan for Bluetooth devices and provide a list of devices to choose from:
    4. After you click “Next”, enter your Bluetooth headset PIN code. For most headsets, the PIN code is 0000. Click “Yes” to add the headset.
    5. IMPORTANT: If your Bluetooth headset shows up as “Not Connected” after pairing, try powering down your Bluetooth headset for 2 minutes. After turning it back on, repeat the Bluetooth headset pairing steps above.

      Note: You can also use the Bluetooth setup page if you wish to pair a mobile phone.

    How do I answer my mobile phone calls on the Hub?

    If your cell phone receives a call and it is within Bluetooth range of the Hub, your home phones and Hub handsets will ring. You'll be able to answer the call directly from a phone connected to the Hub.

    How do I transfer calls from my mobile phone to the Hub?

    If you make or receive a call on your mobile phone, you can transfer the call to your Hub via Bluetooth. To do so, you'll first need to enable the "Allow Incoming Bluetooth Audio Transfer" option on the Bluetooth setup page.

    The user interface for changing the audio source depends on the mobile phone, but on the iPhone, there is an "audio source" button when you are on a call. On the Blackberry, press the Blackberry menu button and select "Transfer to Stream-Hub". The audio will cut out on your mobile phone and your home phones should ring distinctively like an intercom call. Answer on your home phone and you will be connected to the remote party.

    Depending on the behavior of your mobile phone, this transfer may be automatic when your mobile phone enters the vicinity of the Hub (such as when you answer a call in your car and you walk in your home). You can always switch the audio back to your mobile phone if you did not want the call transferred. Note that if you hang up on a transferred call, the audio source goes back to your mobile phone. The call does not end until you hang up on your mobile phone.

    How do I answer calls on my Bluetooth headset?

    When someone calls your Stream phone number, your Bluetooth headset will ring and you'll be able to pick up the call on it.

    How do I place a call on my Bluetooth headset?
    To place an outbound call dial *15 before the phone number. If you have more than one Bluetooth headset paired, you can select different headsets by dialing *16, *17 or *18 (up to four headsets are supported). This works on any phone connected to the Hub.
    How do I transfer a call to my Bluetooth headset?
    If you are on an active call on the handset and want to transfer it to a Bluetooth headset, press the button and select the Bluetooth headset you want to transfer the call to. Your headset should ring and when you answer the call on your headset, you will be connected to the remote party.
    How can I use my headset for an intercom call?
    You can place a call by dialing *05 (or *06, *07 or *08 if you have more than one Bluetooth headset) on a regular phone.
    I already have a Bluetooth USB adapter. Can I use that?
    No. Only an Air wireless adapter will work with the Hub. Other Bluetooth adapters will not be recognized by your Hub.
    When I get a call over Bluetooth, do I get caller-ID?
    Yes! The phone number of the caller is transmitted from your mobile phone to the Hub, allowing you to see the caller-ID from your mobile phone on your home phones. In addition, the name of the mobile phone that the call came in on is displayed so you know whose cell phone the call was originally meant for.
    When I take a call on my home phone over Bluetooth, am I still using mobile phone minutes?

    Yes. Since the other party called your mobile phone number, the call is routed through your cellular carrier to your mobile phone "over-the-air". Stream connects your home telephones to your cell phone via Bluetooth so you are alerted and can answer the call on your home telephone. However, the call is not actually being redirected to your home telephone number so you are still consuming minutes on your mobile calling plan.

    Does the Air improve my cell phone reception?
    Not directly, but it gives you the freedom to place your mobile phone in a location in your home that has the best reception. Since the Air allows you to make and answer mobile calls on your home phone, you can roam in your home with a cordless handset instead of carrying your mobile on you all the time. As long as your cell phone stays within Bluetooth operating range of the Hub device, wireless dead spots and dropped calls should be a thing of the past.
    What happens if I'm talking on my cell phone when I get home?
    The Hub is not set up to automatically switch calls from your mobile phone to your Bluetooth headset.
    What is the range of the Air?
    Standard Bluetooth operating range is approximately 30 ft (10m).
    What frequency does Bluetooth operate at?

    Bluetooth operates in the unlicensed frequency band of 2.4 GHz. Other home devices that use or emit at this frequency band include:

    • Wi-Fi (b/g/n)
    • 2.4 GHz cordless phones
    • Some baby monitors
    • Microwave ovens

    Note: For best reception and range, we recommend that you keep these other devices as far away from the Air as possible.

    Bridge Adapter

    What do I need to use my Bridge device?
    You need a Stream Digital Voice Hub that has been installed and is functioning properly. You will also need a phone cord to connect the Bridge to the telephone or telephony device you want to use.
    How do I set up my Bridge?

    To get started, plug the Bridge device into a power outlet close to your Hub. Press and hold the Page button on the back of the Hub for three seconds to initiate registration mode. The Bridge will detect the Hub and automatically pair. The system status indicator on the Bridge will turn blue when the registration process is complete. If you see the system status indicator alternate between blue and orange, the Bridge is downloading a software update. Do not unplug the Bridge when it is updating its software.

    After the system status indicator has turned solid blue, you can now unplug the Bridge device and move it anywhere in your home. Plug a telephone, fax machine or other telephony device into the phone jack on the bottom of the Bridge and pick up the telephone. If you hear the dial tone, your setup is complete.

    What kinds of devices can I plug into my Bridge?
    Any standard telephone or telephony device such as a fax machine should be compatible with the Bridge.
    What are the advantages of using a Bridge?
    The Bridge allows you to extend Stream Digital Voice service to any room in your home. By using a Bridge, you will save the cost and hassle of rewiring your home and you will gain the convenience and flexibility of a telephone extension that can be easily moved anywhere.
    What Stream Digital Voice features can I use with the Bridge device?
    You can access most standard calling features from the Bridge, including making and receiving calls, joining existing calls, call-waiting, caller-ID, and 911 calling.
    How can I configure the Bridge device for a fax machine?

    You don't have to change your configuration when you're faxing. Stream will detect when you are trying to send a fax and will adjust the settings accordingly.

    Mobile App

    What is the Stream Digital Voice app?

    The app lets you make phone calls, listen to voicemails, and manage your Stream account on the go with any iOS or Android device. All users can make unlimited calls in both the U.S. and Canada, and can also receive phone calls to the app. 

    The app transmits calls over your device's Wi-Fi or cellular data connection so that you can reduce the number of cell phone minutes you need per month without sacrificing call quality or using lots of bandwidth. Even better, if you're calling another Digital Voice customer your call will be connected in HD to bring you the most natural and lifelike calling experience available.

    What devices can use the app?

    The mobile app is currently available for Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that are running iOS 7.0 and above. It is also available for Android devices running Android version 4.0 and above.

    Note: Some devices such as the iPod Touch may require accessories, like a microphone, in order to make phone calls.

    How do I get started with the mobile app?

    After you have made sure your device is compatible, you can get started by downloading the app from the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play store.

    Once you have downloaded the app, log in using your Digital Voice username and password. This is the same username and password you use to log in to the website.

    How do I make a call from the app?

    You can make calls with your app in several different ways. Your next steps will depend on whether you are accessing the app with an iOS or Android device.

    If you are using iOS

    If you are using an iOS device, then click on the tab at the bottom of the screen that corresponds with how you would like to call:

    • Use the Contacts option   to access your phone's contact list. Select a contact and phone number to place the call. If you have identified Favorite contacts, you can view them here by toggling between "Favorites" and "All" at the top of your screen
    • Use the Recents option  to see and redial your recently dialed numbers
    • Use the Keypad option  to bring up a basic dialer and enter a phone number

    Notes about calling from an iPod Touch: The current generation of the iPod Touch has a built-in microphone and can be used as a speakerphone, but this feature is absent in previous generations. If you have an older model of iPod Touch you must use a headset with a microphone to make and receive phone calls.

    If you are using Android

    If you are using an Android device, open the app options by tapping on the   icon in the upper left corner. Now, decide how you want to make your call and tap on the appropriate selection:

    • Use the Favorites option  for quick access to contacts that you have identified as favorites
    • Use the Contacts option  to access your phone's contact list. Select a contact and phone number to place the call
    • Use the Recents option  to see and redial your recently dialed numbers
    • Use the Keypad option  to bring up a basic dialer and enter a phone number

    Notes about calling from an iPad: The iPad has a built-in microphone, so it can be used as a speakerphone. You can also choose to plug in a headset with a built-in microphone.

    How do I listen to voicemail with my app?

    You can listen to voicemail messages from the app by tapping the  icon at the bottom of the screen (iOS), or the  icon in the upper left corner to bring up the navigation menu, followed by the option  (Android). This will take you to your voicemail inbox, where you can listen to and manage your voicemail messages by tapping on them.

    How can I update my account preferences with the app?

    You can update the following account preferences directly from your app. To get started, tap the icon  at the bottom of the screen (iOS), or the  icon in the upper left corner to bring up the navigation menu. Tap Preferences to manage the following account preferences:

    • Voicemail: Voicemail pickup time and monitoring
    • Blacklist: Personal and Community blacklist settings
    • Call Forwarding: Call forwarding and Multi-ring settings
    • Privacy: Outbound caller ID and anonymous calling settings
    • System: 10-digit dialing, call waiting, and time-zone preferences
    I downloaded the app but I can't log in. Why?

    To use the app, you will use your Digital Voice phone number as the username and your Digital Voice password. If you cannot remember your Digital Voice password, please reset your password using the Digital Voice web portal.

    If you are still having trouble logging in, make sure that your phone has a reliable Wi-Fi or data connection.

    Who can download the app?
    All Digital Voice users can download the app if it is compatible with their mobile device.
    How much does the app cost?
    The Mobile app is free for both iOS and Android users.
    How much do calls made from the app cost? How can the app save me money?

    Calls to any Digital Voice numbers are free when you use the app, as are calls to U.S. or Canada numbers. By switching your phone calls to the app when you have a Wi-Fi signal or 3G/4G cellular data connection you can reduce the number of voice minutes you need, allowing you to switch to a cheaper cell phone plan with fewer minutes. You can also save money on international calling by taking advantage of our low rates, or by leveraging your Digital Voice International calling plan.

    The app is also a great option when you are traveling abroad. Instead of paying outrageous cellular roaming fees to call home, simply log on to an available Wi-FI network and use the Mobile app to make your calls. As an added bonus, when you call using the app your Stream account caller-ID will show up so people will know that it is you calling.

    How do I make an international call using the app?

    To make an international call with the app, dial "011" followed by the country code and phone number you wish to reach. 

    Note: Calls to Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and other countries included in the North America Numbering Plan can be made by dialing the number as you normally would, without the 011.

    How much does international calling cost with the app?
    The app allows Stream customers to leverage the same low international calling rates that they get on their home phones when they are calling from their mobile devices. That can translate into a savings of up to 95% compared to the rates charged by cellular providers. 

    You can check calling rates to any country by visiting our Digital Voice International rates page.

    How can I save more on calling with the app?
    Stream customers who are subscribed to the Digital Voice International calling plan can make unlimited calls to the 60 countries included on the plan from the app as well as from your home phone.
    What is the voice quality of calls made with the app?
    The app has HD technology built in to deliver the best quality using the lowest amount of bandwidth. When calling over Wi-Fi on a good Internet connection, the call quality will be the same as calls made from your Stream device. Calls that would connect in High Definition from your Stream device will also connect in HD via the app.

    When calling over 3G or 4G, call quality will vary with the quality of your 3G or 4G connection. Calling over a strong cellular signal will sound very good. You can check the quality of your 3G or 4G connection using a bandwidth testing application such as
    How much bandwidth does the app use?
    Stream HD technology reduces bandwidth usage on phone calls by more than 60% compared to other phone applications. If you have a limited data plan, the lower bandwidth usage means you can talk for a longer period of time without exceeding your monthly usage cap. On average, the app uses around 200KB of bandwidth per minute in each direction (1MB every 5 minutes).
    Will calls with the app use HD voice technology?

    Yes! Whenever possible, your calls will be connected in HD voice. You'll be amazed at the sound quality your cellular phone is capable of delivering!

    How do I purchase additional prepaid funds?

    You can add prepaid funds by logging into your Digital Voice account and purchasing prepaid credit. You can also turn on "auto-recharge" option if you never want to worry about running out of money in your prepaid account.

    Can I use the app to access my Digital Voice account?

    You can manage certain account options from within the app on both iOS and Android devices. Simply navigate to the More tab. You can manage the following options and features:

    • Voicemail: Change the amount of time your phone rings before calls roll to voicemail. Turn Voicemail Monitoring on and off.
    • Privacy: Update your privacy settings for outgoing calls. Turn anonymous call blocking on and off, and configure how anonymous calls are directed.
    • Call Forwarding: Update your call forwarding settings.
    • Blacklists: Turn blacklists on and off, and configure how blocked calls are directed.
    What caller-ID shows up when I make phone calls using the app?
    The other party will see the main phone number of your Digital Voice account. It is not possible to connect using any alternate phone numbers from your account.
    Does the app support Bluetooth headsets?
    Yes, the app supports Bluetooth headsets on the iPhone and Android devices. Although the iPod Touch and iPad support Bluetooth, Apple does not currently support the headset profile on these devices, which means that Bluetooth headsets will not work.
    Can I make emergency 911 calls using the app?

    The app does not support calling 911. To call 911, you'll need to use your home phone or your cell phone (using your standard mobile carrier).

    I don't own a Digital Voice Hub. Can I still use the app?
    No, you must be an owner of a Digital Voice Hub to use the app.
    Can I receive phone calls on the app?

    Yes, you can receive incoming phone calls through the app. You can get started by following these steps:

    1. Log into your Digital Voice account and navigate to the Call Forwarding option under the Preferences tab.
    2. Set your Forwarding Mode to "All incoming Calls."
    3. Check "Mobile App" from the list of incoming devices that you can ring. You can also check "Home Phone"" if you want incoming calls to continue ringing your home telephone as well as your the app.
    4. Save your changes.

    Now incoming phone calls will ring through to your the app.

    If the app is running in the background when you receive the call, you will receive a notification alert on the screen that you have an incoming call.

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