George Koufalis

Allentown, PA

You could say George Koufalis was too busy to join Stream: he was a part-time student finishing his Bachelor’s degree while also managing his mother’s day spa and a small lawn care service company. But it was that frenetic activity that proved the motivation he needed to start his own Stream business. Just 14 months after joining, this Allentown, Pennsylvania resident was able to retire at such an early age instead. “I joined Stream because I saw an amazing, recession-proof opportunity that could be life-changing,” George says. The prospect of being able to help others change their lives really engaged him. “Life is all about helping others,” George says. “I want to look back and say that I helped thousands of people change their lives forever.” Thanks to Stream, George is able to spend more time with his nephew and is relaxed and at peace for the first time in his life.

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