Stream Featured in DSN Article

Posted On: September 4, 2015

Stream leadership was featured in a recent article in Direct Selling News (DSN) as an example of a privately held, direct-selling company who has successfully implemented a group of diverse outsiders as the board of directors. Stream provides personal insight into “working smart,” emphasizing the importance of having the right people to help navigate the ins and outs of smart business by making strategic, objective decisions for the betterment of the company.

As stated in the article, “Unlike their publicly held counterparts, private companies voluntarily choose to have a board of outsiders help with everything from hiring C-level executives to the overall strategy of the company.” Here at Stream, the board has played a major role in many things, but more notably through “venturing into the hyper-competitive wireless industry, selling phones and wireless plans.” This was a calculated risk that called on the eyes, ears and brainpower of unbiased business-savvy experts such as the board of directors.

The board was also directly involved with the hiring of CFO Renée Hornbaker. “In many ways, we try to act like more of a public company board,” she says. “If the company should ever desire to go public at some point in the future we would already have the process in place and it would be a more seamless transition.”

You can check out the complete article here.