Let Your Thermostat Do the Work

Posted On: April 12, 2020

A programmable thermostat can open up a new world of energy savings in your home. However, knowing how to set up the device is crucial to getting the most (low-energy) bang for your buck. The key is adjustments, as you’ll need to tweak your settings to get the best results.

We’ve put together a few recommendations to ensure your programmable thermostat is set up to fit your family’s needs and meet your energy usage goals.

Get to Know Your Schedule
The starting baseline is fairly simple: 68 degrees when you’re at home and 60 degrees when no one’s home or while you sleep. Customize even more by factoring in your daily commute, or you can maximize comfort by having your thermostat adjust 30 minutes before you come home and 30 minutes before you go to bed.

Choose Your Setting Option
Do your Saturdays and Sundays need different temperature settings than your weekdays? Programmable thermostats offer the choice of how you’d like to set your device with options like 7-day, 5-1-1 and 1-week programs. Test out each to see which one works for your household.

Adjust for the Seasons
The Department of Energy suggests the above baseline temperatures for winter, but for summer, you’ll want to program your air conditioning to 78 degrees when someone’s home. If the house is empty, raise the temperature to be warmer than usual. For those summer days when you don’t need A/C, manually shut it off.

Daylight (Energy) Saving Time
Check your manual to see if your programmable thermostat’s internal clock will automatically “fall back” or “spring ahead.” If not, you’ll have to change the time manually. You may also need to use your thermostat’s override feature, so please refer to your product-specific instructions.

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