Lighting Up Your Home for the Holidays, Not Your Energy Bill

Posted On: November 30, 2017

Plastic Santa’s. Herds of ethereal reindeer grazing out front. Never-melting icicles of light lining the edges of your home. A cascade of twinkling glow softly blanketing your entire yard. Honestly, there are a lot of options for how you approach decorating your home for the Holidays.

As impressive any and all of these may be, the magic quickly evaporates when you receive your energy bill. Unless of course, you planned accordingly with tips for reducing your energy bill during Holiday-decoration season. Tips like the ones listed below…

LED Lights – In case you missed the conclusion, it’s official: LED lights are officially the better buy over incandescent lights. Besides using 70% less energy, being brighter and safer, and being easier to install (up to 24 strings can be connected without overloading a wall socket), they also last 10 times longer. Which means you have to go out and buy replacements far less.

PRO TIP – When shopping for Holiday lights, be sure to employ local rebates and coupons to gain extra savings up front.

Limit Hourly Usage – Set up automatic timers for your light show, so that it’s only on when it can be enjoyed. It doesn’t make much sense to have the lights going well into the morning if everyone who could enjoy them is asleep, and likewise for when no one is home.

Limit Secondary Lighting – It’s all about presentation. What good is your light show if it’s drowned out by other light sources? Limit secondary lighting by turning off unnecessary lights that might shine out windows and distract.

Get Creative with ReflectionsWish you could double your lights without doubling the cost? Get creative! No, don’t plug them into your neighbor’s house, that’s wrong. Get creative with reflections! Reflective objects like ornaments and tinsel are just as bright at night, without requiring any extra energy. Consider them an easy multiplier for Holiday cheer. 

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