Fight Phantom Drain! Save Yourself Money!

Posted On: October 13, 2017

We’ve all been there: dropped jaw with the sudden dread of discovering an energy bill that’s higher than you anticipated. You may have cried out, “How? How can my energy bill be this high, and how can I make it manageable?”

Rest easy. We have the answer you need: have you considered the hidden costs of household gadgets?

You may not realize this, but devices plugged in still use energy regardless of whether or not you’re actively using them. These Energy Vampires may not be much in the moment, but can quickly add up over time.

For example: by just shutting off energy to your coffee maker, you can save about a dollar a year. The same goes for your game console, computer screen, and printer respectively. By cutting power to your DVR whenever it’s not in use, you stand to gain $36.80 in savings for the year.

Not a big enough deal? An entire entertainment system can reach $130 annually. That’s a pretty penny that looks better in your pocket, or spent on something fun.

Diligence is all you need to earn back your money from phantom drain. By batching all your gadgets onto power strips and shutting things down when you don't need them, you can easily save your money from a costly and unnecessary demise.

Also, keep a watchful eye on your energy spending. It’s never been easier thanks to usage monitoring tools. Between the Your Weekly Energy Report, sent right to your inbox and—if you're a resident of the Lone Star State— Smart Meter Texas, you’ll never be in-the-dark again. 

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