Getting a Move On, Made Easy

Posted On: July 18, 2018

Back in May, we hopefully helped you lay the groundwork for your upcoming move. Now, let’s get down to business on how to make sure your move day goes as smooth as possible.

Whip Out the Tape Measure – Before packing up all of your belongings, it’d be incredibly wise to get a sense of how much room you’re working with before you lug everything over. It’s no fun to discover there’s no room for your coffee table after you’ve carried it a considerable distance.

Get the “Heavy Lifting” Out of the Way ASAP – By this, we mean, of course, sign up for electricity at your new abode as soon as possible; possibly before you get there. It’s no fun carrying heavy boxes into a place with no A/C, or in the dark with no lights.

Binge on the Boxes – It’s better to have more boxes than less. Plus, there’s no reason to worry about breaking your budget, especially if you get them from local stores. If you do have extra, you can always store them for the next time you’ll need them. Or, build a nifty cardboard fort.

What Are We? – As soon as you pack a box up, write on the outside what’s on the inside. This will save a fair amount of guesswork later, allow for fragile items to receive the care they need, and generally make your life easier all around.

Keep the Carrying Easy – Pro-tip: the heavier the item, the smaller the box it should be in. Save the larger boxes for lighter things that would prove tricky to carry on their own. This way, every armful is optimized for carrying.

Strength in Numbers – When packing, group delicate items together to help ensure they survive the move. This way, boxes can be marked “fragile,” ensuring they’re handled with care. On the flip side, with fragile items consolidated, there will be less boxes that must be treated with extreme care, thus speeding up the process.

Set Yourself a Hard Deadline – Do this as much for your sanity as for your timeline. There’s nothing worse than rushing around the morning of the move, trying desperately to fit things into boxes.

Make Home a Smart Home – Imagine a house that knows your preferences and acts accordingly. All you have to do is invest in the proper thermostat and you’ve turned your fantasy into reality. This can easily be done at the same time as signing up for energy, especially with plans like Stream’s Smart 30 Thermostat Plan.

Protect Yourself Between Point A and B – Imagine this: you’re all packed up, road tripping across country to your new home, and get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Or, you forget your wallet at the sketchy gas station 200 miles ago. Don’t just plan for the start and the finish of the trip, make sure you’re set for the in-between with Stream’s Protective Services.

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