Quick To-Do’s for your Home’s Health

Posted On: June 20, 2018

A healthy home isn’t a destination; it’s a journey, albeit a never-ending one. But, all the best journeys are.

With that, how often do you give your home a much-needed check-up? Here are some easy things to add to your chore checklist to guarantee your home is healthy, and therefore, happy.

Give the Lint Screen a Good Scrubbing – Don’t just peel the lint off the dryer lint screen forever. Occasionally, wash it. You’ll be surprised how the little things add up.

Filter Out Unfavorable Ice Cubes – You’re purified smart-water loses some luster if it’s paired with the equivalent of frozen shower water. Change the water filter on your ice maker for truly pristine ice cubes. Refreshing!

Squeaky Clean Systems – Your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems all need consistent TLC (tender love and care, not the TV channel) to work at their best, which translates to lower energy bills all year long. Schedule a professional to come take a look!

Wear and Tear on Weather-stripping – We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: make sure your home is airtight. Double check to see if the weather-stripping is worn down or in need of replacing, otherwise you’re inviting all the elements into your home while letting all the cool air you paid for out.  

Pipe it Up – It’s not just the weather-strips that might need rejuvenation; check the pipes throughout your home to see if they still get the job done, or have started leaking. It’s far better to fix a leak early, than try to fix water damage later on.

Take Time to Appreciate Your Smoke Alarm – Think of all the lives that have been saved thanks to smoke alarms; that’s a lot. Change the batteries in your smoke alarm at least once a year to make sure you stay on the right side of the statistic.

Better than a Moat – With your house all fixed up inside, it’s time to guard it from external threats: make sure your alarm system is properly responding to activity. You can even buff up protection by adding a Skybell to guard your front door. If worse comes to worst and you suffer a break-in, Stream has your back still a la Protective Services like Identity Protection and Credit Monitoring.

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