Save the Most This Moving Season

Posted On: May 9, 2018

With springtime comes showers, flowers, allergies, ends of leases, and a newfound sense of wanderlust. Moving day can be bumpy if you don’t plan ahead, and even then, you’re bound to find a problem tucked away as you load up the van. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a few things for you to think about to make moving day easy. Check them out below!


Making Moves, Ahead of Time

Build Out Your Budget – Everything is easier with a clear idea of how much money you’re working with. This is also the prime time to price-check moving essentials and get quotes on services, so your budget is built around reality rather than fantasy.

Out with the Old – Why pay to move things you don’t like, use, or need? A few weeks before the big day, go through all your belongings and decide if you see a future for it in your new abode. Donate or sell what you can, and throw out the rest. Good riddance!

Get a Feel for the Neighborhood – Before arriving at your new destination, you should certainly check to see if your current energy provider is in the neighborhood. If they are, give them a call to make a seamless switch! And if they’re not, it might be time to get to know your new energy provider, especially if you want lights that turn on.

Energy to Fit Your Needs – Summer is notorious for high energy bills; what better time to switch your energy plan than when switching homes? Consider what your needs are with a new house, and how those needs can inform your energy plan choice. Case in point: Stream’s Budget Power Plan is perfect for sticking to a budget.

With Rentals Come Hidden Fees – If you’re moving into a rental property, consider the fees beyond rent. Security and damage deposits, broker fees, and pet fees can all add up to be quite the extra expense; better to plan ahead in your budgeting that be ill-prepared the day of!

House-Hunting? – Plenty of financial considerations go into buying a new home, including down payments, affordability and closing costs. Understand your buying power, and your moving experience will be much smoother.


The Move Day Itself

If You Do It Yourself… – Be sure to consider the costs that’ll add up quickly. Things like U-Hauls, gas, and bubble-wrap can all add up to be more than you bargained for when you first decided your best bet was to do it yourself.

If You Hire Professionals… – Don’t just sign the dotted line straight away; do your research! Comparison shop and get quotes on moving services. Armed with enough knowledge, you might just be able to haggle your way to a better deal than what’s first presented.
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