Looking to Avoid Energy Bill Shock this Summer?

Posted On: May 2, 2018

Consider this hypothetical: Summer is arriving, and it’s now warmer outside. Without thinking, you lower your A/C ten degrees and turn a fan on. Everything is good, everything is cool, until you get your energy bill. Dear mother of God, what have you done?

Don’t suffer through a Summer-Energy-Bill-Shock; savings start with you. Plan the proper approach to turning your home into a cost-effective temple of cool, so you can survive the heat without wilting your wallet.

Be Aware

By reading this, you’re already more prepared than most. But, don’t let this lesson drift to the back of your mind; be proactive in your actions, and stay vigilant of your energy consumption in your day-to-day activities.

Be Proactive

Don’t wait till you get your energy bill to enact a lifestyle change, start early and see the payoff later. Conveniently, Stream has already compiled a handy list of ways to save on your energy bill this summer. If that wasn’t enough, you can couple it with our recent Earth Day energy-saving tips as well as tips for saving energy while cooking for even more savings!

Be Vigilant

You wouldn’t eat a single salad and expect to lose weight. Saving on energy is essentially the same thing; it takes a certain kind of persistence. With that, you need to be vigilant in your day-to-day lifestyle regarding your energy consumption. Recognize habits you could easily cut as well as instances where you’re not picking the most efficient action, and stay open to the possibility of integrating new energy-efficient options as they present themselves. Again, savings start with you!

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