Make the Most of America Saves Week

Posted On: February 26, 2018

Arguably the most exciting span of days since the Holiday Season, it’s America Saves Week!

What exactly is America Saves Week? It’s when various nonprofit, government, academic, and business groups come together to help promote and support Americans to save effectively.

Get in the spirit and make the most of it by making the most of your budget: check out these helpful saving tips and you’ll be swimming in money soon enough.

First and Foremost: Build a Budget – You wouldn’t try to sail across the ocean without a map; a budget is a lot like that, but for finances. Write out all your expenses, necessary and otherwise, to measure against your income. From there, you can start developing your plan to save.

Match Splurges with Savings – Take your negatives and turn them into positives: every time you splurge on an item, put the same amount of money into your savings.

Fight Phantom Drain – It’s a well-known fact that Phantom Drain is a dangerous opponent to your energy bill, and therefore, your wallet. Bundle your electronics on power strips and shut them off when not in use to save several pretty pennies.

Reading Rainbow! – Take advantage of your library! Nearly infinite entertainment, and it basically costs nothing compared to the price of a movie ticket.

Simplify Your Billing – When it comes to budgeting, playing the guessing game with what you think you’ll spend throws a serious wrench in your planning. Your Plan simplifies the predicament: pay a flat rate every month, so you know what to expect.

While these tips are helpful, this isn’t an absolute list: this list is far more comprehensive if you’re looking to make some major moves. Happy savings!

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