Upgrade Your Side Hustle

Posted On: February 12, 2018

For most, side hustles have become something of a given. Consider it the American Dream 2.0: if you want it, you better be giving it everything you’ve got to make it happen. This is especially so of millennials: about half of surveyed millennials are working side hustles. But, success isn’t quite as simple as hard work and some ingenuity: over half of U.S. companies fail after five years. That’s enough to make you think twice about launching your own app or clothing line. So, what’s an aspiring millennial to do in this dog-eat-dog economy?

If only there was a way to work on your own schedule, to succeed when and how you’d like to. If only there was this, but with the protection of a tried-and-true company that’s held its own in the market. If only you'd realize we’re talking about network marketing.

Now, network marketing still carries with it something of a peculiar connotation, thanks to some duds of yesteryear. Not all companies are created the same, and as such not all companies can offer a viable means of livelihood for your lifestyle. The key is doing your homework, and deciding for yourself just how viable the opportunity is. The last thing you want to do is wind up with a garage full of products no one really needs, trying desperately to find some customers.

Stream has gone a different route: instead of offering tangible goods, we supply essential services. Energy, Wireless, Home and Protective Services are what you’d be selling if you signed up as an Independent Associate. These aren’t luxury or extraneous items; they’re built into everyone’s budget.

Ultimately, network marketing and the millennial generation seems like a match made in heaven: the flexibility of the gig-economy for your side hustle, with the stability of a tried-and-true company to back you up. Added up, whatever you make of it is entirely up to you.

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