Checking Back with Timmy the Intern for National Energy Awareness Month

Posted On: November 1, 2017

When we last left Timmy in our previous blog post, things were looking grim. Despite his best intentions, his apartment was using some big chunks of energy. Does he successfully lower his energy bill? Or will he be banished to a creepy basement? Let’s see how the month turned out for him.


Day 17 –

I went ahead and prepped the entire apartment for cold weather. It took about a day, but my apartment already feels warmer. Also, this blog is incredible! Just a treasure trove of good information to have.

Day 18 –

My roommate has decided to open our apartment to fostering fish tanks. Not dogs or cats. Not even fish. Just fish tanks. There’s like 30 fish tanks in our apartment, all plugged in, all running 24/7. All I can hear is the steady hum of bubbling filters.

Day 21 –

Somehow, some of the water from one of the fish tanks spilled on to one of my power outlets. Luckily, no one was injured. Unluckily, it looks like we blew the power for the whole complex. Thankfully, I had already prepared for a power outage with Stream’s helpful tips. I guess at least this way, my energy usage is frozen for a bit?

Day 23 –

This morning, I had to move a box down to the basement for storage, and all the lights burned out at the exact same time. This basement is so, so haunted.

Day 29 –

I WON! I WON A JOB AND I DON’T HAVE TO WORK IN A HAUNTED BASEMENT! Oh man, life is good. This is incredible. I dropped my energy bill by 9%! Shout out to all the energy tips that made a difference. Absolutely no shout out to my roommate.

Day 30 –

I just found out that I could monitor my energy usage with My Stream Account! Why didn’t anyone tell me that in the beginning?!

Edit: My bad, they totally did. It's all right here in this "6 Reasons to Switch" graphic. 

Thanks for being a good sport, Timmy the Intern! But yeah, we're still gonna need your help with that basement situation…

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