How to Power Through a Power Outage

Posted On: September 7, 2017

Power outages can take you by surprise, and therefore can be pretty scary. Here are some helpful tips to make them manageable.

  • Preparation saves the day Being prepared ahead of time can help make surprises manageable. Create an emergency preparedness kit, draft a household evacuation plan, and download emergency apps designed to keep you aware of severe weather are just a few examples of precautions you can take. It would also be wise to invest in the materials you think you’ll need during a power outage: flashlights, batteries, Styrofoam coolers, first aid kits, and hand-crank radios are all viable. If you think you’ll have to move to a new location, having at least a half tank of gas in your vehicle is ideal.
  • Flashlights! Flashlights are the best bet for lighting. Candles, while strong sources of light, have been known to cause fires.
  • Dress for successConsider what you’re wearing. If it’s a hot day, dress in cool, light-colored fabric. If it’s a cold day, bundle up in multiple layers.
  • Prioritizing and preserving food Open your fridge and freezer as little as possible to prolong the storage of food. A fridge will keep food cold for 4 hours, while a freezer will stay cold for up to 48 hours. If your power is out for longer than that, plan to move your food to Styrofoam coolers with ice. When eating, plan to dine on perishable food while you can before it goes bad. Save the non-perishable food for later.
  • Leave a light on! – Leave at least one light switched on, so that when the power returns you’ll be aware.
  • Disconnect. – Turn off and unplug electrical equipment to protect them from damage during surges or spikes.
  • Do your research Stay in the know ahead of time by learning about the emergency plans already established. Visit your local and state’s websites to see what the official plan is.

While these tips are sure to be useful, they’re not all encompassing. Be sure to check out other emergency resource websites to compile all the information you may need to see your way through a power outage. 

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