Cut Your Energy Costs

Posted On: January 10, 2017

January 10, 2017 was National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, and we want to help you get on the right track to saving power and money.

Here are a few things to consider when evaluating your home to see where you can save:

1 - Energy Use Habits

Your daily habits can have a huge impact on your energy consumption. In the rush of a busy day, many people forget little things here and there that could save you in the long run. 

  • Adjusting your thermostat when you aren't home (this is even easier with a programmable thermostat like the Honeywell Lyric)
  • Unplugging chargers for your laptops, wireless devices, and other items. Theses can use power by just being plugged into the wall.
  • Turn off the lights. When you aren't in a room or away from your home, leaving the lights on in a room can be unnecessary and wasteful. 

2 - Appliances

As you may have seen on our social media pages, we recommend updating any old or outdated appliances with newer options that are Energy Star certified. You can find a list of these products here.

Appliances that typically need an upgrade are refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers.

3 - Insulation

Even if you are cautious about energy use and have new appliances, you may be straining your heating or cooling system if your home is not properly insulated. It's very frustrating to know your warm air is escaping in winter months or you are running up an energy bill by constantly trying to cool your home in summer.

Check these areas:

  • Windows - If you put your hand near a window sill does it feel dramatically different than the inside air? You might be in need of some window insulation. 
  • Doors - Can you see light coming in between your door and door frame? The same is happening with your air. 
  • Attic - Although this is more costly than window or door insulation, it is also more important. Take a peek into your attic to see if you even have insulation or if older insulation has deteriorated. 

If you want to see what other energy saving tips are out there, search #CutYourEnergyCostsDay on Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook.

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