Stream Energy’s Peer-to-Peer “Golden Ball” Program

Posted On: February 2, 2012

Soon, we will have thousands of Ignite Associates visiting the Stream Energy offices when they are in town to take part in Ignition 2012.

While walking through our office space, they will see dozens of “golden balls” adorning employees’ work stations. If you are one of these visitors to our office, you may wonder what the “golden balls” are all about.

Actually, they are part of Stream Energy’s peer-to-peer employee recognition program. This program was created as part of our comprehensive strategy to ensure employees are valued and appreciated here at Stream Energy and that they are empowered to recognize their colleagues.

Golden BallNamed after the award which is presented to the best player at each FIFA World Cup soccer finals, the Stream Energy Golden Ball was created to give ALL employees the opportunity to recognize their fellow co-workers who go above and beyond the call of duty.

(You should know that our company has this fascination with soccer. Must have something to do with the fact that our chairman Rob Snyder is something of a legendary soccer nut. You’d think he played the game or something.)

When a fellow employee helps someone in a significant and meaningful way, employees are encouraged to handwrite a note of gratitude on the award. They then deliver the completed award to that employee being recognized so he or she can proudly display it at his or her workstation for all to see. Employees also inform the Golden Ball recipient’s manager so he or she is aware that the employee is being recognized.

Be on the lookout for these awards when visiting the Stream Energy office, and when you spot one hanging in an employee’s work area, be sure to congratulate that person for delivering the Stream Difference.

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