Mutual Gratitude

Posted On: February 16, 2012

Brian HaleBy Internal Communications Editor Brian Hale

About eight years ago, a small group of people led by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji put into action a ground-breaking business plan. The idea was to adopt a multi-level network marketing approach similar to those used by extremely successful direct-selling companies like Avon and Mary Kay, and apply that strategy to the recently deregulated energy market in Texas.

As details began to take shape, new investors committed to the idea; a PUC license was obtained; and a small amount of office space was leased in one of the most recognizable buildings in Dallas – the INFOMART. As a basic framework became operational, Stream Energy and Ignite were born.

In the more than seven years since Stream Energy was awarded a PUC license to operate in the state of Texas, Stream Energy has grown to over half a million customers in five states (Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey), employed hundreds of exceptional people at the headquarters in Dallas, and allowed thousands of Independent Associates the opportunity to seize control of their financial future and build relationships that can last a lifetime.

Along this journey, Rob, along with the executive staff and more than 260 Stream Energy employees, has been graciously thanked countless times by IAs who appreciate the vision, dedication and commitment to the plan first conceived in 2004.

While Stream Energy and Ignite have enjoyed record success in our short time, none of it could have been possible without the hard work and dedication of thousands who have worked to ensure our success.

The Stream Energy headquarters in Dallas employs more than 260 employees on a daily basis. When needed, these employees have worked weekends, overnight and incredibly long hours to ensure the success of Stream Energy and Ignite. They believe in this business—in helping people succeed. To the employees of Stream Energy: thank YOU.

Thousands of IAs bought into the idea of warm marketing and asking friends and family for their business. They have done so with such success that Stream Energy is in the record books as one of the fastest-growing companies in American business history. The success of this firm and the employment of over 260 Stream Energy employees would not have been possible without the hard work of our thousands of dedicated Associates. To the Ignite Independent Associates: thank YOU.

As most people know, the success or failure of a company hinges on its customers. Stream Energy and Ignite are in the business of helping our customers save money on one of life’s necessary commodities (energy) and doing it with a successful business model. With variety of different service providers offering energy service, customers in deregulated service areas are free to choose any service provider they like. To the loyal customers who continue to choose Stream Energy as their service provider of choice: thank YOU.

The hundreds of thousands of IAs who have joined us along the way, have attended at least one business presentation in a variety of venues to get more information on Ignite’s award-winning success model. Managers and owners of restaurants, hotels and motels have opened their doors to Ignite. Homeowners have opened their homes to new and prospective Associates. To all those who allowed the Ignite Opportunity and the Stream Energy story to be told: thank YOU.

There are countless people who have contributed in some form or fashion to the success of our business. To anyone who has contributed to this business; to anyone who has positively affected our firm; to everyone who remains loyal, committed and dedicated to the continued success of Stream Energy and Ignite: thank YOU.

Although our achievements and successes are exciting, inspirational and motivational, Stream Energy and Ignite still have a lot of unfinished work. With over a half-million customers in five states, Stream Energy has proven it is a powerful and permanent force in the deregulated energy market.

What began as a simple business plan eight years ago has emerged into a business that has changed and bettered the lives of so many. With our spectacular team, Stream Energy is primed to continue our national expansion for a long time come.

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