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Posted On: September 9, 2011

Working here at Stream Energy definitely has its perks. The employees come to a workplace that earned a national designation for a top workplace. We interact with some of the most inspirational people on a daily basis and the number one favorite thing about Stream Energy among its employees is the culture and family-like atmosphere promoted within the office.

But Stream Energy also promotes healthy living to employees. Employees have free use of a gym on the first floor of the building that Stream Energy calls home, and we have even set up a year-long program designed to promote healthy living among employees.

The health and wellness program is titled “Stream Energy’s Highway to Health.” A website allows all employees to log into their own personal accounts and view webinars, look at healthy recipes, perform monthly “challenges” that encourage healthy living and even get some motivation in a letter from chairman Rob Snyder. With each webinar, challenge or healthy event an employee participates in, that employee earns a certain number of points. At the end of the year, all employees who have a total of 100 points earn a discount on their insurance premiums during the following calendar year.

Along with Highway to Health, the firm has gone even further by allowing employees to get a free health screening performed in the office by medical professionals once per year. The screening allows employees to learn their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, BMI and other health statistics about themselves. The tab is picked up by Stream Energy in order to promote awareness about eating right and exercising on a regular basis.

To help alleviate sick days, the firm offers all employees the opportunity to get a flu shot—also done once per year by medical professionals and is free to employees. Usually performed in October, these free vaccines allow employees to remain flu-free without having to travel to a clinic or their family doctor on their own time to get the vaccine.

While Stream Energy loves our customers and our Ignite Associates, we also make sure to take care of our employees here at home who work daily to make it all happen.

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