Some Thoughts on Today's Texas Retail Energy Space

Posted On: August 10, 2011

By Stream Energy Chairman Rob Snyder

Rob SnyderUpon my return from Houston last evening, I was directed to this post via an email by one of our Ignite associates. I do not know the identity of the author of this blog, but I have in the past read some posts at the Texas Electricity Ratings blog -- and found the views of this blog owner highly insightful, if not always 100% accurate.

Anyway: our blogger friend is about 90% correct in this post, which is the first public realization that I have thus far seen that appreciates what is now happening in the ERCOT retailer sector.

However, I am fairly certain that the blogger misunderstands the perspective and manner by which most of the market’s bigger players procure their wholesale energy: and can assert in any case that he is completely off-base in respect of any perceived dangers, difficulties or hardships to Stream Energy – as the only thing that has been making us sweat at the InfoMart is when we exit the building to walk to our cars at the end of the day.