Stream Energy’s Offering of Renewable Energy Credits

Posted On: July 6, 2011

Stream EnergyIt’s been said that we didn’t inherit the Earth from our parents, but rather it’s on loan from our children. Now more than ever, the impetus to be good stewards of our planet rests on our shoulders. There are many utility companies that claim to provide green utilities, but Stream Energy, a leader among green energy companies, is the real deal. Stream Energy’s goal is to provide our customers with the ability to save energy and the environment with cost-affordable green plans.

One way we can all make a difference is to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is a call to action that Stream Energy takes seriously. In keeping with our commitment to promote environmental health, we are pleased to offer renewable energy products to our customers that also aim to provide energy savings – Stream’s Green & Clean Plan family of electricity rates.

Customers who enroll on Stream’s Green & Clean Plan receive electricity derived from renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, biogas, and low-impact hydro, which Stream Energy purchases through the procurement of Renewable Energy Credits (REC).

Why Renewable Energy?

Wind renewable and solar renewable energy are clean, make no noise and are 100% renewable sources of energy. The wind, although not ever-present, and the sun’s energy are never going to disappear. Customers can always count on energy from the sun, and to a lesser extent, from wind. Stream Energy is now offering renewable energy credits to its customers in Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Non–polluting renewable energy generators collect on the added value of their products. Renewable energy generators produce and sell their energy in the same market as any other generator of electricity, but renewable generation is also given a renewable energy credit (REC) for every megawatt of power it produces to recognize the cleaner energy it produces. This means that every time a green or renewable energy is produced, its renewable energy credits are created and sold to companies like Stream Energy and then resold to the ultimate consumer who chooses to be more socially conscious, rewarding the renewable product generator for not polluting.

Stream Energy purchases these renewable energy credits to help supply their customers who want a green product. This way Stream Energy’s customers can feel confident that they are making a positive impact on the environment.

Why does Stream Energy do this? Because it believes in helping the planet to remain sustainable for future generations and in helping support its customers who want to turn to green renewable energy for their electricity needs.

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