Talking With ā€” Not At ā€” Employees

Posted On: May 4, 2011

By Stream Energy Internal Communications Editor Brian Hale

Brian Hale It’s no secret that communication is the basis for all types of business relationships. Stream Energy puts great emphasis on effectively communicating with all our customers and Ignite independent associates on a frequent basis to retain good-standing relationships by providing valuable information regarding our firm and the energy landscape.

Not only do we communicate externally with our customers and associates, but we also put great importance on communicating internally with all Stream Energy employees.

As both an energy and network marketing firm, it is especially important to communicate with our employees for several reasons. To begin, many different departments must work closely together to ensure the best possible service is provided to customers and associates. Although we have many employees spread across departments such as billing, associate support, commercial, legal and information technology, these departments are dependent on each other. For example, one change from our I.T. team could mean our system works differently for every other department. If those teams are not knowledgeable in the change, it could greatly affect our ability to efficiently accommodate customer and associate requests. Additionally, if the billing department comes across an issue that is not communicated to the associate support and commercial teams, it could affect their responses and could cause confusion among our teams, leading to inefficient service.

Internal communication is also a viable means to have a little fun at work. One of the principles that separates our firm from competitors is our culture. Our distinguished culture is driven from our founding mantras upon which this firm has operated since its genesis in 2005. Upper management, Rob included, meets regularly with every department in the firm for a town hall-style meeting where employees are served lunch and are urged to ask anything they desire. This internal communication within the firm allows employees to feel engaged with upper management and boosts morale. If happy cows come from California, then happy employees come from Stream Energy.

Communication within the firm also reaches employees via email known as an “Outlet.” This firm-wide message system is sent to employees on a daily basis. Outlets contain information regarding upcoming firm events, employee profiles, updated energy rates, charity drives, contests and any other information to help boost morale and inform and educate employees on new news.

As important as external communication is to our business, internal communication is equally important. Without the proper care and handling of communication in both areas, our firm’s culture would not be as revolutionary and envied as it is.

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