Tell Me Something Good

Posted On: March 24, 2011

Paul ThiesBy Senior Director of Communications Paul Thies

At Stream Energy yesterday, our Chairman Rob Snyder shared with our management team a few pieces of interesting news to hit the web. I thought that our consumers and the folks who follow us might be interested in these news items.

There has been a fair amount of debate over the years in Texas by a variety of parties on whether or not energy deregulation is best for consumers. Having been a part of one of the leading electric retailers in Texas for over six years now (i.e Stream Energy), I’ve been privileged to witness the evolution of deregulation firsthand.

Reflecting upon the report that appeared in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram yesterday - Electricity deregulation paying off for Texans – it is gratifying to learn that third-party industry watchers are coming to the conclusion that energy deregulation is a success.

Now when you couple the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram report with the news that complaints to Texas PUC fell 28% in 2010, as reported by Restructuring Today, you can draw the conclusion that consumers are in fact receiving the benefits that energy deregulation promised - namely, competitive pricing, greater options and improved service quality.

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