Energy-Saving Tips for Every Room of the House

Posted On: June 22, 2020


Summer means rising temperatures and often a higher energy bill. But it’s easy to cut back on your electricity use without much effort. With these energy-saving DIYs for every room of the house, you’ll be ready to conserve when the weather heats up.

The Kitchen
Service your appliances
Refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers are all energy-intensive appliances, and they work best when they’re regularly maintained. Research your appliance models to learn what maintenance is required to help keep them running efficiently and effectively.

Make use of the toaster oven
Using the oven in the summer months heats up your home, forces your A/C to work overtime and requires considerable energy — but your countertop toaster oven may be the solution. This appliance uses about one-third less energy and emits considerably less heat than a standard oven. While it’s not the perfect solution for a large family, if you’re cooking solo or making smaller portions, it’s worth the switch.

The Living Room
LED light swap
LED bulbs can use 20%-80% less energy than traditional bulbs while also lasting up to 3 times longer. They’re an easy swap that can quickly reduce energy use in every room, especially where lighting is regularly used.

Eliminate phantom drain
When the TV, gaming system or other electronics are plugged in, but not on, they’re still pulling electricity. One report estimates that an entertainment system can cost $130 annually just in energy drain. But there’s a simple solution — just unplug. To make that process easier, have your appliances hooked up to a power strip so that you can switch them off with the press of a button.

The Hallway
Smarter thermostats
A programmable thermostat allows you to control the temperature in your home, right from your smartphone. This means you can set a lower temperature for when you’re at home and a higher one when you’re out. Optimize your smart thermostat use this season to really see the impact on your bill.

The Utility Room/Garage
Turn down your water temp
By turning down your water heater temperature by 10°, you can see up to $30 in annual savings with the added bonus of helping prolong the life of your water heater. This simple step costs nothing and takes only a couple minutes to complete.

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