Clean Nation Compliance Tips

Posted On: August 1, 2012

Clean Nation by Stream Energy is not yet available to participate in. However, Ignite Compliance is pleased to offer a a few tips to help you get started off on the right foot:

  • Any advertising must be approved by Compliance PRIOR to posting and/or making public.
  • Clean Nation advertising operates in the same manner as it does in Ignite: you may advertise for the Opportunity (REPs), but NOT for customers (RECs).
  • Use catch phrases such as “Go Green and Make Green,” “Make Money and Help The Environment,” and “I Can Show You How To Make Money From Renewable Energy Certificates.”
  • Associates can only SHARE, but not publish, the 4-minute Clean Nation video on YouTube. You may not use the video to advertise for RECs.
  • Upon the launch of Clean Nation, every potential Renewable Energy Partner (REP) must have a valid Social Security Number to become a member.

Please Note: these tips are provided to help you spread the word about Clean Nation. The official Policies and Procedures for Clean Nation will be available on the launch date in August.

To have all your questions answered, please visit Ignite Compliance on Facebook or send an email to

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