State of the Company

By Stream Energy Chairman Rob Snyder

I have been here at Stream Energy and Ignite from the start: and I really cannot recall a time when it seemed that both of the Ignite and Stream Energy machines were humming along as smoothly the present. At every Business Presentation or group session that I attend, I encounter wave after wave of enthusiastic Igniters – a legion of Happy Warriors who understand the power of our business model and the opportunities that can be wielded as a result thereof.

It is no stretch of the imagination to say that the near-universal feedback that we have received from a legion of Igniters has been that Ignition 2013 was probably THE most well-orchestrated, informationally-rich and motivating corporate convocation in our history. Resultantly, the Ignite Army rocketed out of Dallas to seize the battlefields of our various service areas with a vengeance.

With new offerings such as the new Business Presentation, Ignite eSuite and Virtual Assistant, you now have the best business tools in the industry that you can use to explode your business. Here’s some of the things that I have been hearing:

So if you wonder as to why I am so pumped at present, that type of input should give you a flavor!

We are once again in the prime of our business effectiveness, Gang. Our energy rates are better than or competitive to the local incumbent in every service area in which we do business – and we will be expanding our reach in significant fashion throughout the Northeast over the coming months.

The Stream Energy/Ignite offensive is in full gear: and I see no reasons now foreseeable as to why our tremendous momentum should not continue to build throughout the remainder of this year. More importantly, the Ignite Opportunity has never made more sense. And there has frankly NEVER been a better time to be doing your Ignite business.

In closing:


We’re on the move, People – and we ARE NOT slowing down. Do not allow yourself to get left behind!

I will see you on the Road during the rest of March and April!