Customer Quick Check – The Evolution of Quality Confirmation

We are pleased to announce that Stream Energy has launched a brand new process for Quality Confirmation: Customer Quick Check. This new process became available to new Northeast customers on Friday, November 2. This new feature will be available to Texas and Georgia customers at a later date.

Gone are the days of having customers undergo a QC phone call. Instead, they may confirm their identities during the Stream Energy online enrollment process, thereby saving themselves valuable time.

The purpose of the Customer Quick Check is to confirm the customer’s identity in order to help avoid identity theft, fraudulent energy accounts, or slamming attempts. This identity verification process is not a credit check and does not affect your customer’s credit score.

Customer Quick Check At a Glance:

Please note that the multiple choice questions are formulated and confirmed by Experian and are selected from their Public Record database. Some questions may not apply to your customer and, if so, “None of the Above” is an option for all questions.