Sporting Our Team Colors

By Internal Communications Editor Brian Hale

When Stream Energy and Ignite launched in 2005, it was not only the beginning of an innovative energy company, but an opportunity to be a part of something truly unique.

As Stream Energy and Ignite grew in both size and maturity, the firm adopted certain “mantras” that shaped the internal culture. The mantras encompassed an overall feeling and attitude that the firm was not just a great company, but a great family.

Although the two entities had two different logos, they both represented one company and one team with one goal.

To help make that point, Senior Director of Marketing Darryl Smith had an idea: merge the family-like atmosphere of Stream Energy with the team aspect of football into a visual representation of the firm’s support of the thousands of Ignite Associates around the country.

“Stream Energy and Ignite are a team,” Darryl said. “Supporting our Ignite Associates in the field is something every Stream Energy employee does on a daily basis. We are a very competitive group, and we have great passion and love for this firm – the same passion and love that many have for their hometown sports teams.”

“I wanted to take a symbol of that love and passion of each of our states and bring it back to the home office,” Darryl said. “It’s a symbol that we are always thinking about our IAs in all these areas, and a little piece of them is always represented in our office.”

Stream Energy and Ignite’s history can be seen in a unique visual timeline along one wall inside Stream Energy’s corporate office.

Each jersey represents when Stream Energy and Ignite entered a certain state or area. Each jersey has a number on the back of it which represents when we entered that particular state:

“As a lifelong, die-hard Cowboys fan, my office sits between the Eagles and the Steelers,” Darryl said smiling. “It’s not easy looking at those colors every day.”

Near the end of 2011, Stream Energy and Ignite expanded to a fifth state in the Northeast. To avoid confusion (and also because he just couldn’t bear hanging any blue and white jersey other than the Cowboys) Darryl decided to utilize a different sport to represent Stream Energy’s latest market.

But what comes after New Jersey? An empty spot resides next to New Jersey’s colors. We are anxiously awaiting a jersey to represent the loyal Associates in a brand new Stream Energy market.

“I don’t know what we’ll do if we ever go to Montana,” Darryl said jokingly.

The next jersey may be unknown, but what is certain is that Stream Energy and Ignite will continue to achieve huge long-term success as long as we work together as one team.