When you become an Associate, you’ll receive your very own web site. This site will help you share the opportunity and inform others about our company and products.

Stream Energy has already paid millions of dollars2. We have regular meetings, conference calls, and events to not only keep you in the loop, but to also teach you new ways to build your business.

As you continue to build relationships and refer friends to Stream Energy, you’ll get closer to earning Free Energy. Some of those customers will become interested in The Stream Opportunity and want to become Associates as well. When you bring them on board, you earn even more bonuses and residual monthly income. The more you share, the larger your monthly income grows.

As new markets became deregulated across the country, Stream Energy continued to expand the areas it serves. Stream Energy proudly serves Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Washington, D.C., and we’re constantly looking for new areas to provide our services.

Since we started, we have become an energy independence leader by paying our Associates to help others make smarter energy choices. We invite you to learn what they already know.

The Power of Stream

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