Our compensation plan is simple. Sign up new customers and get paid! Many people are intimidated by “sales,” but selling Stream Energy is as easy as telling a friend they can earn Free Energy on their monthly energy bill.

As you establish relationships with your customers, you can earn new rewards along the way. The freedom of owning your own business. Free energy. Extra monthly income. One day, maybe even a second income stream, or a new Mercedes. The potential to grow and earn is limitless!

For more details, check out our two-page Associate Presentation Flyer

Quick Start Income

Stream Energy pays Quick Start Bonuses every time you enroll a new customer. We also pay Business Builder Bonuses when you help new personally-sponsored Associates enroll new energy accounts.

There are many ways to grow your business, while receiving generous bonuses and incentives all along the way.

Leadership Income

You can earn Leadership Bonuses to unlimited levels by meeting certain promotion requirements and reaching any of three leadership positions. At each position, you’re able to build a new leadership organization and earn bonuses attached to it.

Leadership Bonuses can be earned for new Associates on every level of your organization. There are unlimited ways to be successful with Stream Energy!

Unlimited Monthly Income

You can build monthly income by enrolling and maintaining customers and helping the Associates in your leadership organization do the same. In essence, there are no limits to the monthly income you can earn!

Residual Income

Residual Income Icon Residual Income Chart

1Energy Accounts must be accepted, pending, or active accounts by Stream. You may substitute your Stream Homesite for two Energy Accounts.

2Effective 11/01/2012: For ALL of the Northeast Markets, either of the following conditions apply:
(a). MEI Commissions are triggered on Gas customers that accumulate > 25 Therms per month.
(b). MEI Commissions are triggered on Electricity customers that accumulate > 250 kWh per month.

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