As experts in both essential services and the direct selling industry, our corporate team combines expertise and experience to help our Associates grow their Stream businesses. We invite you to read our bios below and get to know us a little better.

Who knows, we just might meet in person in the future!

Mark Bouncer Schiro

Mark "Bouncer" Schiro

President and Chief Executive Officer

With Bouncer in charge, Stream runs smoothly as a well oiled machine, top to bottom. As the company’s president and CEO, he oversees all operational aspects of the company.

Bouncer previously served as president of his personal investment firm, STI Investments Ltd., and STI Masonry LLC, an architectural paving products manufacturer.

Renée Hornbaker

Chief Financial Officer

Renée joined the Stream team in 2011. As Chief Financial Officer, she makes certain Associates are paid correctly and on time, among a string of other associated duties. Renée oversees the firm’s finance, accounting, budgeting and planning and is always searching after new ways to increase its growth and productivity.

Renee Hornbaker
Pierre Koshakji

Pierre Koshakji

Senior Managing Director – National Expansion

A co-founder of Stream, Pierre Koshakji serves as Senior Managing Director of National Expansion with primary responsibility for Stream's multi-state expansion program and regulatory affairs as well as secondary responsibility for all areas of operations support, payment systems, human resources and firm administration.

Chris Hayden

Chief Information Officer

Chris joined Stream in November of 2013.  His years of success make him the perfect candidate to oversee all aspects of our IT strategy, enterprise architecture, application delivery and operations. He has direct oversight of our business analysis, software development, quality assurance, change management, and project management teams.

Jake Hadix

Chief Wholesale Officer

Jake Hadix plays a critical role in Stream, managing the entire wholesale energy portion of the company and finding ways to keep prices competitive. He and his staff are responsible for staying on top of retail gas and electricity prices and determining optimal hedging strategies to protect customers everywhere from adverse price hikes.

Kerry Brown

Chief Marketing Officer

Kerry drives Stream’s growth and marketing strategy with 15 years of industry experience. His involvement with Stream started in 2013, and is responsible for Stream’s Marketing, Corporate Communications and Public Relations initiatives while representing the brand and cultivating opportunities for Stream’s services and solutions in new and existing markets.

Pat Johnston

Chief Sales Officer

Pat Johnston brings over 25 years of experience in direct sales to his role as Chief Sales Officer, where he is responsible for advancing current Stream leadership as well as developing new leaders through the Stream Opportunity. His experience in both corporate and direct selling roles makes him an invaluable member of the Stream executive team.

Tony Andrews

Chief Mobility Officer

Tony joined Stream in September 2014 and has played an integral part in the company’s expansion into mobile services. A 15-year mobility veteran in the US and Europe, Tony leads Stream’s Mobility Operations team and sets the mobile strategy for future growth and development.