Stream Energy Affirms Commitment to National Marketing Standards of Conduct

NEMFirm is among the first endorsers of non-profit association’s compact with energy consumers

DALLAS (February 4, 2013) – Stream Energy, the global leader of energy network marketing firms, announced today its commitment to the National Energy Marketers Association’s (NEM) new consumer protection standards.

These standards are being introduced by NEM to promote ethical business practices, greater transparency and accuracy in marketing, and better training and supplier accountability in the marketplace.

“Stream Energy prides itself on the relationships we have with our consumers and Ignite independent sales agents,” said Pierre Koshakji, Stream Energy’s co-founder who is serving as the 2nd Vice Chair on the Executive Committee of NEM. “We believe that everyone – suppliers, consumers and the general public – are best served when companies operate reliably and responsively.”

“NEM members such as Stream Energy are honored to serve consumers and to endorse and implement the National Marketing Standards of Conduct,” said Craig G. Goodman, president of the National Energy Marketers Association. “As the new energy services and technology industry has grown with remarkable speed, the members of NEM have implemented practical, straightforward and sensible safeguards to protect the consumer, protect their good names and reputations and to protect this burgeoning marketplace.”

NEM is a national, non-profit trade association representing wholesale and retail marketers of natural gas and electricity, as well as energy and financial related products, services, information and advanced technologies throughout the United States, Canada and the European Union.

Dallas-based Stream Energy is a provider of energy services in six states. The firm’s wholly owned subsidiary Ignite educates, trains and incentivizes entrepreneurs to explain the advantages of energy deregulation directly to consumers. It has created a paradigm shift in how energy companies in deregulated markets attract new customers. The firm has posted total revenues in excess of $5 billion since its founding and has received numerous accolades and honors.